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Time to say good-bye to your eyebrow tattoo / microblading? Or botched SMP? We can help! Saline tattoo removal method is proven. As the first certified Botched Ink technician in the North America, we are bringing this amazing products to BC, in New Westminster! (Rachel has been certified and offering another saline tattoo removal.)
What is so special about this Botched Ink? Healing process! Botched Ink removed one big emotional roadblock of the saline method, ugly thick scabs during the healing process. Botched Ink is designed to draw blood and body fluid by osmosis and STOP BLEEDING. It doesn’t leave thick ugly scabs! Let your unwanted ink be gone and get ready for a new life!

* This package includes 4 session of tattoo removal.
You agree to be my profile model (before/after photos for marketing purpose).
You must follow after-care instruction.
Subsequent sessions are $125/session.
If all visible ink is removed in less than 4 sessions, will give $125 credit per unused session. Whether or not the result is achieved must be approved by the technician.
* Other standard policies are applicable.

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↓ Healed after one or two sessions. Work in progress! ↓