6 Surprising Benefits of LED Light Therapy Facials in New Westminster

Young woman touching her face isolated on white background

LED light therapy facials are all the rage these days and with good reason. This somewhat new type of skin treatment is simple and makes people who use it look healthier, more vibrant, and years younger than their true age.

This type of therapy is becoming more popular all the time. Users love it because it is non-invasive, but can lead to incredible results when it comes to treating acne, sun damage, scars, and a wide variety of other skin problems as well.

It’s safe, simple, and convenient. It’s no wonder that people of all ages are flocking to med spas to enjoy this fabulous facial treatment.

If you want to learn more about LED light therapy, including its many benefits beyond regular facial skin treatment, read on. This informative post will tell you everything that you need to know.

What Is LED Light Therapy?

You may have heard about LED light therapy before, but you may not know much about it.

This skincare treatment uses different wavelengths of light to treat the skin. Different colors of light are used for different purposes. For example, red light is used to combat the effects of aging. Blue light is used to treat acne.

LED light therapy was developed by NASA. The plan was to use LED lights to experiment with the growth of plants in space. The lights were small and light and easy to transport so they were perfect for a space mission.

However, NASA later discovered that these lights are not only helpful for plants, but for humans as well. They later found that these lights could be helpful for recovery from injuries that caused wounds on the skin.

It was just a matter of time before LED light therapy was adopted by the medical field to help patients heal. Soon, aestheticians began to use it to help improve the quality of their clients’ skin as well.

How Does It Work?

The idea that cool, non-invasive LED light can positively affect your skin may seem impossible or nonsensical at first – but it really works!

The reason it works makes sense if you think about your skin at the cellular level. As you may remember from high school biology, every cell in our body has many different components, and each of those components has a job. The mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells; energy is produced there.

Mitochondria react positively to LED light therapy. It helps the mitochondria to function more efficiently, thereby encouraging the cells to grow stronger and repair skin damage. Each time you apply LED light therapy to your skin, you are supporting the rejuvenation of your cells, and in turn, they thank you for it by working harder to help your skin heal.

You’ll notice an improvement in a few sessions.

Benefits of LED Light Therapy Facials

There are so many benefits to this type of therapy for your skin. It’s so simple and easy, yet you’ll be amazed by the difference it can make for you.

1. Skin Issue Reduction

When people seek LED light therapy facials, their primary reason for doing so is to seek improvement upon one or more skin issues.

LED light therapy is extremely effective in this realm. If you suffer from acne, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema, this type of therapy will support your cells in working to improve each of these conditions through stimulation of the mitochondria.

Almost all of us can see the signs of aging in the skin on our faces. Sun damage can cause us to look much older than we are as well. Fortunately, LED light therapy is one of the most effective options for people who wish to reduce these factors.

2. Circulation Improvement

Because LED light therapy improves the strength and function of the cells, it’s no wonder that it helps circulation to improve as well. Improved circulation in your face will make your face look younger, brighter, and more vibrant overall.

You’ll notice an improvement in your skin quickly after your LED light therapy treatment, and improved circulation is a big part of why this improvement occurs.

3. Inflammation Reduction

This stimulation will help reduce inflammation everywhere the LED light touches. LED light therapy can reduce swelling under the skin, which can result in greater overall comfort. The stimulation of the cells encourages the body to heal itself and to keep on working hard even after an LED light therapy session is over.

4. Non-Invasive Treatment

Many people feel drawn to LED light therapy facials to improve their skin because the process is non-invasive. In fact, you won’t feel anything at all. Your sessions will be quick and easy and you will leave the medspa ready to leap right into the rest of your day.

5. Affordability

LED light therapy facials are affordable. You can add-on to facial service, or buy multiple sessions in a package. Some services include LED light therapy for more comprehensive treatments. Most experts suggest two to three treatments per week for two to three months if you wish to experience the best results. You’ll find that LED light therapy facials are worth every penny.

If you suffer from a chronic skin condition like rosacea, you can purchase a device from your provider to continue your treatments independently at home.

However, keep in mind that not all devices are the same. It’s possible to find cheap, shoddy LED light therapy devices for sale online, but most of the time, they are not effective. It’s best to buy directly from a medspa if you wish to experience long-lasting, impressive results at home.

6. Low Risk

The risks and side effects of LED light therapy are few and rare. The American Academy of Dermatology has approved this type of therapy for widespread use. There are no UV rays in LED lights, so you don’t have to worry about burning or skin damage.

Occasionally, some people do experience redness, tenderness, or a rash after an LED light therapy facial session, but these are all very temporary and fade quickly.

You can feel safe and confident while you enjoy the benefits of LED light therapy.

LED Light Therapy Works

As you can see, there are many benefits to LED light therapy, and you can experience all of them when you try an LED light therapy facial. You will be thrilled by the positive results you see and feel after a few sessions.

If you’re looking for LED light therapy facials in the New Westminster area, please give us a call. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have and we look forward to meeting you soon!