Ready to commit to total hair regrowth? A thick, full head of hair of your own that’s not just an illusion? We offer an effective hair regrowth treatment!

We use the Eclipse MicroPen, a Health Canada-approved microneedling device, combined with a special hair growth solution from AnteAGE. The treatment restores your healthy scalp and stimulates your hair follicles for healthy hair regrowth.

We have found the Eclipse MicroPen and its solution to be one of the best hair growth products on the market — we’re glad we can offer it to you!

Maintaining healthy scalp is integral part of hair regrowth, supplements are highly recommended. The package comes with free supplements and hair care products to aid the treatments.

5-session package| $1875 +
*Consultation is required.

One of our clients undergoing hair regrowth treatment






New West AnteAGE hair serum 2 before
New West AnteAGE hair serum 2 After
AnteAGE Hair serum before. New West
AnteAGE Hair Serum after. New West

Are Hair Regrowth right for me?

This is the perfect option for the beginning stage of hair loss and hair loss induced by medical conditions for both men and women.

We welcome you to get in touch with our friendly staff if you have any questions not addressed in this FAQ section.

A doctor’s note is required if:

You had surgery of any kind over the past six months or will have surgery within the next six months.
– You are on diabetic medication.
– You are on autoimmune medication.
– You have taken chemotherapy in the last 12 months.
– You have taken prescribed oral acne medication in the last 12 months.
– You have cancer.

This service is NOT recommended for those with:

– Blood disorders
– Autoimmune diseases
– Diabetes
– Viral infections
– Epilepsy
– Pacemakers or major heart problems
– An organ transplant
– A tendency towards keloid scars (Microneedling)
– Seborrheic dermatitis or eczema on scalp
– Skin conditions such as psoriasis on the scalp
– Have used proscribed oral acne medication in the last 12 months
– Allergies to anaesthetics (Lidocaine) or nickel
– Blood thinning medication and/or supplement

You cannot receive treatment if you are or have:

– Under age 19.
– Pregnant or nursing.
– Under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
– With active MRSA.
– Airborne diseases.


– Avoid alcohol 12 hours before your appointment.
– Avoid tanning or direct sun exposure 14 days prior and after your appointment.
– Discontinue Retinoid products 2 weeks prior to your appointment.
– Discontinue Retinol or other anti-ageing creams or serums containing acids 3 days prior to your appointment.
– Consult with us if you have used prescribed oral acne medication in the last 12 months prior to your appointment.
– Avoid any anticoagulants and blood thinning medications or supplements for at least 1 week prior to your appointment unless it is per doctor’s instruction. If it is, doctor’s note is required.
– Shampoo your hair and clean scalp before your appointment on the day and stay cool and clean. Do not use hair care products such as hair gel, leave-on conditioners, hair sprays, fibers, powders.
– Change your bed linens to clean ones.

If you would like a patch test prior to your service, please book a consultation first. We will provide you with the products; you’ll then have to arrange a test with a dermatologist or allergist.

Failure to follow the pre-care instructions may cause increased sensitivity, discomfort, bleeding, scarring or infection.

After care

– 24 hours following procedure: Stay cool, avoid getting your scalp wet, sauna and exercises.
– Always wash your hands before touching the treated area.
– Avoid brushes and use disinfected combs.
After 24 hours: Apply a sunscreen of broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher, free of dye, fragrance, paraben, whenever you are under the sun (unless UV indicator is 2 or lower) or physically cover your head.
– You can wash your hair.
– Avoid applying any scalp treatments containing active ingredients for 72 hours.

What to expect in the healing process

– You may experience redness and swelling between one to three days.
– You may experience itching, burning and possible breakouts.
– You may experience flakiness of the skin.
– You may start seeing results as early as 2 months.

Failure to follow the post-care instructions may cause increased sensitivity, discomfort or infection.

Hair Loss Treatment FAQs

Does it work?

As shown in the before / after pictures, it is highly effective method. The AnteAGE solution ingredients include bone marrow conditioned media focused on hair growth (Wnt-1a pathway) while twelve bio-identical growth factors and cytokines, each with proven efficacy in hair follicle stimulation, are added to make this the most scientifically advanced product of its type. This treatment works best for the beginning stage of hair loss.

Is it different from PRP?

Unlike PRP, which is pro-inflammatory, AnteAGE solution’s bone marrow derived  growth factors and cytokines are anti-inflammatory. They are lab cultured, hormone-free safe ingredients, and can be delivered more cost effectively and achieve better results.

How often do I need to take the treatment?

We recommend every 3-4 weeks and a series of 5 session to start with.

How soon can I see the results?

The results can be different from individual to individual. However, you may see the difference in as early as 2 months.

Is it a permanent solution?

Skin is a live organ. You will want to maintain healthy scalp for healthy, thicker, fuller hair. How often you need the treatment varies by individual to individual. It is highly recommended to review your diet as well to keep healthy scalp and hair.

What does a package comes with?

In order to aide the hair regrowth, the package comes with shampoo, conditioner, treatment and supplement all targeting hair loss.