An award-winning and Health Canada approved LED device, the CellumaPro LED Light device is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment that is applied using a low-level LED light. The application of non-UV, low-level light energy to the body reduces oxidative stress, stimulates cellular energy production, increases circulation and production of collagen and elastin, accelerates tissue repair, decrease wrinkles and inflammation, improves skin tone, wrinkles, texture, and clarity, kills acne-causing bacteria, and much more. At Vita Felice Medi Spa, we offer clients LED light therapy treatments for the relief of acne, post-cosmetic treatment discomfort, as an anti-aging and hair loss solution.

Celluma’s Benefits for Aging

Aging skin loses collagen over time, leading to the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Celluma stimulates collagen production through the use of red light therapy. This helps firm and tighten the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while improving your skin’s overall tone and texture. If you are looking for a non-invasive anti-aging treatment, consider the LED approach from Celluma.

Celluma’s Benefits for Acne

Acne affects individuals of all ages and skin types. Celluma provides a gentle solution for managing acne outbreaks and promoting clearer, healthier skin. The LED light therapy device targets the underlying causes of acne, including excess oil production and inflammation, to reduce overall redness and swelling, and kill acne bacteria. Frequent LED light treatments accelerate the healing process and promote smoother skin. Increase your confidence with your appearance by treating acne with Celluma.

It’s recommended to do LED Light Therapy at least 2-3 times a week for a period of 12-16 weeks. Packaged treatment does not include masks or corrective serums, it is designed to be quick and easy but they are available as an add-on. LED Light Therapy also serves as an excellent add-on, particularly after microneedling, chemical peel, dermaplaning, and extraction!

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*Add on 15 min+ | $30+
*Package | $150 Weekly

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