Custom facials are designed to tailor to your skin type, conditions, goals, and lifestyle. This is the first step to your glowing, youthful, smooth, brighter skin. We will select what is best for your needs and desires from a wide selection of our treatment protocols for treating and maintaining healthy skin. Is your skin concern about texture? Fine lines and wrinkles? Age-spots? Melasma? Acne? Acne scars? Rosacea? Sun damage? Sensitive skin? Oily skin?Or any combination of them? Our custom facial can address these concerns with oxygenation, enzymatic, AHA, antioxidant treatments, and many more. Many of the concerns can be treated with custom facials and home care, and lifestyle change. Other concerns can be better treated with a little bit more invasive treatments like microneedling and chemical peels for the desired results, once your skin is well prepared with custom facials.

Fisrt time and after 6 months of break, consultation is mandatory. During the consultation, we will review your lifestyle, daily skincare routine, diet, and ontop of your skin conditions. The consultation comes free when you book a custom facial.

Facial at Vita Felice in New Westminster