How Does a Permanent Eyebrow Work? A Beginner’s Guide

permanent eyebrow

Looking to get permanent eyebrows but scared of what others might think? Don’t worry; there are plenty of celebrities taking up the trend. People like Serena Williams and Courteney Cox¬†are two out of many.

The permanent eyebrow procedure is the best way to get nicely defined, long-lasting brows. It generally takes two appointments and can give you any brow shape or shade you desire for a very long time. That said, how does it work?

In this guide, we take a closer look at the growing trend of eyebrow cosmetic tattoos in permanent makeup. We’ll look at the procedure from beginning to end.

What Does the Permanent Eyebrow Procedure Do?

A permanent eyebrow is a tattoo, a cosmetic tattoo, to be precise. It involves injecting small amounts of ink beneath the upper layers of your skin with a powered tattoo device or a manual tool. The ink remains between skin layers, simulating eyebrows.

As these eyebrows are tattoos for cosmetic improvement, they can last a long time. However, they are designed to fade, unlike conventional tattoos.

Yes, they’re¬†called “permanent brows,” but when done properly, they will fade over time. Done incorrectly, they¬†remain forever and may require tattoo removal.

Getting Quality Work

Choose a clinic that knows its chops. Successful permanent brows largely depend on the quality of the work, skill, choice of pigment, and knowledge of your permanent makeup artist.

An eyebrow cosmetic tattoo should last between 18 and 30 months. Individual skin type, lifestyle choices, and other conditions will also be a factor.

People usually need to come in again for repeat treatments if they like the look. This is a good thing; you can experiment with new brow shapes, greater thickness, and so on.

What About Microblading?

Microblading is a very unique form of permanent brow. Microblading uses a series of microneedles on a handheld tool that “cuts” the skin to deposit pigments.

Microblading is extremely popular and affordable these days, but many people are not candidates for the procedure. It’s not necessarily better, however.

Many people mistake permanent brows for¬†microblading. Both¬†require unique¬†skill sets and produce very different results, short-term and long-term. Make sure you know which one you’re getting!

Benefits of a Permanent Eyebrow

Eyebrows frame your face and make you look younger or more mature, brighter or angrier. Permanent makeup is a safe, long-lasting, effective way for people to define brows to taste.

It also helps those who want to alter the shape or fill the gaps. It’s affordable, accessible, and very low maintenance.

Once the cosmetic tattoos heal, you get¬†perfectly shaped and¬†defined brows 24/7. There’s no need for¬†brow pencils or powders¬†every morning. Time is money, especially for businesswomen¬†and busy mothers.

They are waterproof, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof. You can enjoy everything from beach parties¬†to samba dancing. It’s a must for active lifestyles.

Not sure how to enhance your brows? Your PMU artist will take care of it; just book an appointment.

Eyebrow Tattooing Process

The permanent eyebrow procedure takes two sessions of 2-3 hours. Ask in advance what the price includes. Some charge once, others charge for each session separately.

Let’s look at the steps from beginning to end.


Prior to the procedure, you will have to prepare. Your clinic may advise you to avoid sunburns, moisturize your skin, avoid active exfoliants, shower, eat well, and get plenty of sleep. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and painkillers.

Certain medical contraindications may require¬†a doctor’s approval. Get familiar with the pre-care and contraindications. Contact the artist for further clarification.

Make sure to schedule time for prep and recovery afterward. You will require a second session, possibly more.

Disinfecting the Area

Tattooing is a procedure that will puncture the skin, so the area needs to be clean. The artist will first apply¬†an antiseptic solution. They’ll clean the brow area and may¬†apply a numbing topical anesthetic for¬†pain.

Drawing New Brows

Prior to the procedure, discuss your goals (shape and color) with your artist. The artist will draw the new brow shape with a marker. They’ll use precision measuring tools to make them perfectly symmetrical.

As mentioned above, this shape will remain for months. Decide well in advance, or you may need emergency tattoo removal and have to start over.

Hair Removal

Now that you have a brow shape, it’s time to pluck or shave any unwanted hair. The artist will do this before tattooing, then¬†brush your¬†brows out and trim overlong hairs. They’ll use what remains as a reference when deciding on the shape.

In the future, you may wish to remove those same unwanted hairs.


You will sit comfortably as the artist uses a powered tattoo device that rapidly punctures the skin. They may also use a manual tool to get the desired look. Both are safe and effective.

They’ll use different needle sizes and dip them in the chosen pigment to tattoo your new brows. They’ll wipe off excess pigment and repeat this¬†procedure multiple times.¬†During this process, numbing agents are re-applied as needed.

You’ll be awake but may doze off during this time. Pain is generally minimal to none, particularly once the numbing agent has kicked in.

Clean Up

Once the artist has completed your brows, they will remove excess pigment. Once washed away, only new brows will remain.

After Care

After the procedure, there will be some mild pain for the next couple of hours. You will need to give your brows time to heal and follow aftercare instructions according to your clinic’s direction.

Tattoos effectively create an open wound that is sensitive to UV rays and other environmental factors. Failure to keep to the aftercare regimen could result in infection or unsuccessful results, requiring follow-up re-treatments. Avoid traveling to the beach¬†until it’s fully healed.

Choose Vita Felice for Permanent Makeup

Permanent eyebrow makeup allows you to get those ombr√© brows you’ve always been dreaming of. Or nano brows with soft hair-like strokes. The result is nicely defined brows, as soft or as bold as you desire.

Looking to get your brows done and¬†look nice all day long without the need to fill in? Drop by VitaFelice. Schedule an appointment for our permanent eyebrow procedure,¬†and you’ll never love your brows more.