Are Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoos Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

microblading close-up, hands adding pigment to eyebrows.

A tattoo is forever.

This phrase is one of the best-selling points when someone considers permanent make-up. We don’t consider something permanent unless we’re in love with the idea. This is especially true when it comes to eyebrow cosmetic tattoos: permanent or semi-permanent?

Many people have the wrong impression of permanent make-up, especially eyebrows. What happens if it’s done wrong? What happens if it fades? What happens if it doesn’t look good?

However, an easy answer to those questions is simple. What happens when it’s done right?

Makeup makes us feel amazing. We feel more confident about ourselves. We feel put together. When we wash off our makeup, though, we sometimes wash off our confidence. Permanent makeup is the perfect fix.

Here’s why eyebrow tattoos can be a great option.

To Tat or Not to Tat: Permanent Makeup 101

Many people think permanent make-up is done in a tattoo parlor.

However, permanent and semi-permanent makeup is an art form performed by a professional like an esthetician or a makeup artist. There are several different options that can achieve the desired effect, especially for eyebrows.

Let’s look at some different options of permanent and semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos.

Permanent Eyebrows

Studies show that eyebrows are the most important facial feature.

It’s no wonder that eyebrow cosmetic tattoos, permanent and semi-permanent, are so popular. We want to be remembered. We want to stand out. We want to draw attention to our eyes.

Check out one of the best options available for a quality makeup tattoo.


This is the biggest craze for creating a perfect and permanent set of eyebrows.

Working by hand or using a machine, a trained and certified professional can enhance and define any brow. Depending on your skin condition, your brow line, and your needs and goals, microblading can create the look that you want.

This process is permanent, so it’s important to work with an artist that can help you design your perfect brow.

Typically, the initial appointment helps establish the goal for your brow lines. The next appointment makes those brows permanent and perfect.

As with any tattoo, a good rule of thumb is to schedule touch-ups, as needed. Environmental elements, sweat production, and oil production on your skin will cause the color to fade over time.

Good eyebrow tattoos will fade. In fact, even the best permanent eyebrow tattoos will fade. However, that’s an easy fix with a touch up every few years.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Not quite ready to go permanent?

There are options available to darken your brows that don’t involve a tattoo process. They still create a strong brow with good coloration. They just aren’t permanent.


The practice of henna has been around for generations.

We think of henna as the artwork done on hands. However, henna is an amazing option for semi-permanent eyebrows.

Using natural dyes, henna creates a long-lasting hue to your brows that can last for up to six weeks. There are several different colors that you can choose, and it’s not a lifetime commitment.

Once your eyebrows fade, you can schedule another appointment to keep your brows fresh and fabulous.

Are Your Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoos Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

Deciding to transform your facial features permanently is a big deal.

It’s important to evaluate your lifestyle and your needs for your perfect brows. If you are active and don’t want to worry about constantly drawing on your brows, permanent makeup may be your perfect choice.

If you want to try out a darker hue on your brows, then henna is a great place to start.

No matter your choice, always remember to find a well-trained, qualified permanent makeup artist to do your eyebrow cosmetic tattoos, permanent or semi-permanent, work. After all, the eyes are a window to the soul. You don’t want that window to be a mess.