Eyebrow Tattoo: Six Eyebrow Treatments for Permanent Brows

powder brow

Are you considering eyebrow cosmetic tattooing but not sure of the different treatments available? Eyebrow tattooing has come a long way since the 1970s and is one of the most popular permanent makeup procedures around the world. There are many different terms used for eyebrow tattoos such as microblading, powder brows, and ombre brows.

However, each type uses a different technique and creates very different results.

One thing to note is that they are all considered a form of tattooing, as all methods involve depositing pigments into the skin. Eyebrow tattoos might have been risky in the past, but today the techniques used are more advanced. The type of permanent brows technique you choose will depend on the current condition of your skin and eyebrows.

To help you learn more about the different types of cosmetic tattoos, here is a list of the best eyebrow tattoo treatments on the market. Whether you choose to subtly enhance your brows or you’re looking for a full brow transformation, there is an eyebrow tattoo¬†for everyone.


What is microblading?

Microblading is a manual method and has in recent years become one of the most popular forms of permanent eyebrow tattooing by the general public.

The microblading hand tool holds multiple needles aligned in a row and looks like a very small blade. To create the hair-like strokes in the skin, small cuts are made in the skin using a microblade where pigment is deposited. The cuts will then heal over the pigment resulting in a fine hair stroke appearance.

This technique is best for dry or normal skin, which has not received any previous tattoos. Oily skin or large pores skin are not candidates for microblading. The reason for this is due to the strokes healing more crisp on dry and normal skin, but appearing more blurry on oily skin over time. Microblading will also need touching up to keep them looking fresh for longer.

A lesser-known but important part of the microblading treatment is that it is the most invasive method among the eyebrow cosmetic tattoos and there is a limit on how many times the skin can be cut. As with any injury, each time the skin heals, new scar tissue will form. Over time, the repeated cutting action and forming of scar tissue will make the skin undesirable for microblading. Experienced artists are less inclined to offer this treatment.

Hair Strokes

This technique is also known as many names such as machine hair strokes and nano brows. Even though microblading is more well-known when it comes to creating hair strokes, the machine method can also do the same. The difference is that microblading cuts into the skin, whereas the tattoo machine creates the stroke through multiple dots from a single needle.

Because it doesn’t cut the skin, it is less painful, lasts longer, and is more flexible in stroke designs than microblading.¬†

The hair strokes technique is a very advanced technique itself and an even more advanced version of the hair stroke brow combines solid line strokes and pixelated strokes to create hyper-realistic dimensional eyebrows. It is the latest form of eyebrow tattooing and can only be done using the machine method. The reason for this is due to the high level of skills required to create this type of eyebrow tattoo.


Microshading is also a type of manual cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. It is sometimes referred to as softap or powder brows, but it essentially uses hand tools with different numbers of needles to create a more shaded-looking eyebrow tattoo. The needles are used in a tapping action on the skin to create pixels.

All skin types, even the most challenging skin, are suitable for this method of eyebrow tattooing. 

Powder Brows

As mentioned above, powder brows are sometimes done through microshading, a manual method. But, a less invasive form of creating the same powder brow make-up effect is the machine method.

The machine can be specially designed for permanent makeup or a conventional tattoo machine (don’t be shocked – the same machine it may be, but the technique is definitely not the same!), and needles can be a single needle or multiple needles configured in a row/s, round, similar to hand shading tools. However, the machine is motor-powered and the needle/s move in and out of the skin at a high speed, leaving pixels in the skin.

Contrary to the many perceptions, powder brows can create a very soft and natural look and, of course, a very bold look.

The powder brows are suitable for any type of skin, can be done even on existing eyebrow tattoos. Not only does it look natural, but it lasts much longer compared to microblading. 

Ombré Brows

The ombré brows are also a shaded type of eyebrow tattoo, but with lighter and darker areas that are similar to the natural eyebrow. Generally, the head of the eyebrow and the top edge of the eyebrow can be shaded in a lighter tone and gradually darkened. This creates a beautiful make-up and natural brow and is best done using the machine method rather than manual shading techniques.

Just like the powder brows, the ombré brows are suitable for any type of skin but may not be a good option for brows with existing tattoos.

Combo Brows

Sometimes referred to as a blade and shade, it is a combination of strokes and shading be it manual or machine and sparse eyebrows can benefit from this style. The combo brows are gaining popularity these days. 

Combo brows are not limited to just the manual methods. The machine method can also create the same style of eyebrow tattoo or even a combination of microblading and machine shading.

Hair Stroke Brows or Powder Brows?

Hair stroke brows are best suited to dry and normal skin types. This is regardless of whether you choose microblading or the tattoo machine for this style of tattoo. Also note that hair stroke tattoos can become blurry as the pigment molecules break down, microblading has a shorter time of retaining the strokes.

For a longer-lasting but natural eyebrow tattoo, a powder brow is a versatile option that’s suitable for all skin types. Whether you choose to do hair stroke or powder, manual methods such as microblading will always be more invasive in comparison to the machine method of eyebrow tattooing, and because of this, healing time is longer and more painful.

A beautiful set of eyebrows can frame the eyes and create balance and youthfulness in the face. Contact the team at Vita¬†Felice today for an eyebrow consultation you won’t regret.